Thursday, July 30, 2009


Here's a mix of news over the past few days. If you're in the Atlanta area, go see Jacqueline Salit's documentary "How The Independent Movement Went Left By Going Right" (you can also see the film online at And please read Tom Jacobs' article in Miller-McCune and see if you agree that methinks Tom doth protest too much!
  • 'Independent' Voters Are Generally Not -- They are prized by pollsters, but are smaller in number and less influential than most think. (By: Tom Jacobs, Miller-McCune)
  • Film showing of “How The Independent Movement Went Left By Going Right” (Georgia Independents) The film will show on Saturday, August 8th, from 2:30pm – 5:00pm at the Ponce de Leon Branch of the Fulton County Library at 980 Ponce de Leon Avenue NE in Atlanta.
  • Thomas Richard Harry Launches His New Book, 'The Gathering Of The Clan: An Independent Political Option For America.'- The Gathering of the Clan explores the need for change in politics and shares innovative constructs to revitalize our two-party system. (PRESS RELEASE)
  • A Regional Party No More-Far From Being Relegated To The South, The GOP Is Showing Signs Of Life In Democratic Strongholds (by Amy Walter, National Journal)
  • Zobgy/O'Leary Report Poll: American Voters Split 49/49 on Sotomayor Confirmation (PRESS RELEASE-O'Leary Report Poll)

Washington State indies get back-up from top court:
  • Supreme Court Rules Open Primary Constitutional (Rose Report)

Big news this week was the Quinnipiac Poll showing that Bloomberg's support has gone down by 10 points since last month. The Quinnipiac news release points out that "In the June 16 survey, New York City voters were asked to choose between "Thompson the Democrat" and "Bloomberg the independent." In today's survey, Bloomberg is identified as "running as both a Republican and an independent." Looks like Mike needs to get more independent! Bloomberg is running on Column C, the Independence Party line, as his primary ballot line. New York is a fusion state.

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