Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Open Letter to Charlie Crist on Open Primaries

TO: Governor Charlie Crist
FR: Peter Allen
DA: 8/5/09
RE: Open Primary Elections

Last month I had sent you a letter asking you for your help in the quest to reform Florida's Elections, and I had asked you to help me in my quest to promote an open Primary Election in Florida. I do understand that this will take an action of the Florida State Legislature to get it on the Ballot in 2010,
Governor Crist, in your bid for the US Senate, you are going up against other Republicans who are going to be in the Primaries. A Closed Primary Election system, such as the one currently in used in Florida, only allows Republicans to vote for Republicans.

As an example, if there are four Republican candidates on the ballot, and you are not the party favorite, you stand far less of a chance of winning than the favorite, or so called front runner. Same with the Democrats. In an Open Primary Election, all registered voters can vote for a candidate, and better the chances of a fair Election and a level playing field. After all aren't Campaign Finance and Election Reform some of your major goals?
Governor Crist, when the People of the great State of Florida see that you are instrumental in getting this legislation passed, and that you are for an open Government approach, I am sure that your new job will be in Washington DC as our next Great Senator.
I ask you Governor Crist Please help me and support my cause, because it is the right thing to do.
Peter Allen
Candidate for Governor of the Great State of Florida

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