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In 2008, there were 33 open primary states in which independent voters could participate in the presidential primaries and caucuses. In these states, 2.7 million independents voted for Barack Obama, giving him the margin of victory to secure the Democratic Party nomination. Party insiders (both Republican and Democratic) are attempting to eliminate open primaries and reassert their control of the electoral process. Sign the letter to President Obama in support of Open Primaries

August campaign is about money: who's got it, where it came from and who's gettin' it...
  • Thompson, Bloomberg Bicker About Political Contributions (Jen Chung, Gothamist)
  • Thompson's People Call Foul on Bloomberg's Donations (By Azi Paybarah, PolitickerNY) NOTE: This article relies on a separate Gothamist article from January 2009 about a contribution to the NY State Independence Party and has very little if anything to do with the Mayor's race 2009. By virtue of NY State law, which was decided in the highest NY court, the NYC IP organizations, and not the State party, hold the right to endorse city-wide candidates. The NYC IP endorsed Mike Bloomberg for Mayor in April 2009 after intense negotiations between Mayor Bloomberg and independent strategists Fred Newman and Jackie Salit, and the duly-elected executive committees of the five NYC IP county committees. The NY Times went on record in February saying "Last year, Mr. Bloomberg and his aides stepped into a messy battle between factions of the Independence Party." Then in March, the Times continued on record saying "For a brief time, Mr. Newman and Ms. Salit considered offering the Independence Party line to Mr. Thompson, inviting him to their home for a conversation. But Mr. Thompson, who opposed nonpartisan elections in 2003, again refused to back the concept, they said. “The talks went nowhere,” Ms. Salit said.
  • Finger pointing on campaign spending: Bill Thompson and Mayor Bloomberg call each other out (Adam Lisberg, Daily News/Brawl for the Hall) NOTE: Brawl for the Hall is a new Daily News blog specifically on the Mayor's race classified under Election 2009
  • Bloomberg proposes new campaign rules that wouldn't apply to him (BY Erin Einhorn, DAILY NEWS/Brawl for the Hall) Bloomberg's team quickly pointed out Thompson donated $6,000 to the Working Families Party in 2002 and 2003 that he never reported as campaign spending.
  • Mike Bloomberg, Independent for Mayor: Campaign questionnaire (Daily News/Brawl for the Hall) Q: Why are you the best person for the job? A: I’m an independent, results-oriented leader with a plan to fix the economy, create jobs and help middle class New Yorkers who are hurting right now.

Independent strategist Jackie Salit talks about where the independents are today

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