Friday, August 14, 2009


Independent voters are at the center of the storm about health care reform.
  • Rahm’s “Opportunity in Crisis” Strategy is Failing (Fox News) Fast-forward a few months and polls now show how independent voters are drifting away from the president. -- As the guns of August sound over health care policy, Obama's government takeover of health care is on the ropes and being met with grassroots intensity not seen since the immigration debate. So how are Obama and his fellow Chicago politicos in the White House confronting the dropping polls and increased angst among the electorate? They're attacking Americans protesting at town hall meetings, attacking debate, essentially attacking free speech.
  • Will They Still Love Him Tomorrow? (By DANIEL HENNINGER, Wall Street Journal Online)
  • State Gets Tarnished - New Survey Documents Three Decades of Change Among California Voters (By Jerry Roberts, Santa Barbara Independent) From their demographics to their disposition on cultural issues, the state’s voters have grown substantially more diverse, more independent, and more socially tolerant, according to a just-released, in-depth report about California voter attitudes produced by the Field Poll.
  • Town hall protests winning over independents? (Salon/War Room) Still, there is an issue for Democrats in the numbers Gallup found among self-identified independents. 35 percent said the protests have made them more sympathetic to the protesters views, while only 16 percent said they've gone the other direction.
  • Katrina Swett: Democratic Party has plenty of room for moderate voices (NH Union Leader, By KATRINA SWETT) As a lifelong Democrat who is proud to be considered part of the vibrant and effective heart of the party, I strongly disagree. It is certainly true that increasing numbers of voters are choosing to identify themselves as independents. But, if anything, that trend only underscores the growing strength and numbers of those voters who are seeking practical, achievable solutions to the many challenges that our country faces.

Independent Pennsylvanians have been effective in bringing political reform to the forefront

Independent Mayor Bloomberg is fighting for every vote...

NOTE: Fair and Unbalanced is a small independent blog recommended by The Hankster

  • Jackie Salit on WLRN Radio Aug 19th. Jackie Salit will be the guest on WLRN's “Topical Currents” show serving Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Marathon and Key West with host Joseph Cooper to discuss the role independent voters are playing in reshaping American politics. ( Listen Online

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