Sunday, January 30, 2011

Independent Hotspot: Arizona

It's common knowledge that independent voters decide elections. Lately the number of independents is growing, and not just those who recognize themselves as independents, but voters who register as independents. Arizona, specifically, will be a hot state in 2012. Independents in the state have reached an historical milestone in having more registered independents than the other major parties this year.

  • Obama, not Clinton, favored over McCain (Des Moines Register) Barack Obama would carry Iowa if he were the Democratic nominee running against McCain, if voters feel in November the way they do now. But McCain would carry Iowa in an election matchup with Democrat Hillary Clinton if the election were held now, according to the new poll.
  • Independents could change tone of voting (BY TERRY ROSS, Yuma Sun) There is a complication, however, in the independent movement. Under our election process candidates are picked by the parties. The choices available to voters — including independents — mostly come from the two major parties. Independents are outside this system.

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