Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Independent Redistricting and Open Primaries May Help California's Woes

Californians continue to look forward to the first election under the new Top Two open primary system voted in by referendum last June. And in the meantime, Repubs in Utah ponder ways to get around the state's open primary system...

  • Opinion: Gov. Brown's budget and a path forward (By Bob Hertzberg, Tom McKernan, Capitol Weekly) From our beginnings, California Forward has encouraged ways to improve governance and bring about changes that restore the public’s trust. Redistricting reform and open primaries hold the promise of restoring the Legislature’s ability to solve problems.
  • Hatch Places Third in New GOP Poll (By Kyle Trygstad, Roll Call) Utah has open primaries, However, it’s possible the Republican nominee will be decided in the state party convention, where only locally elected delegates are eligible to vote — something Chaffetz noted to the Deseret News. “The only poll that will matter is of Utah state delegates in May of 2012,” he said.
  • Goodbye Enthusiasm Gap (Public Policy Polling) If I had to name the two biggest factors that cost Democrats the 2010 election cycle it would be 2 e's- economy and enthusiasm. A huge part of the party's problem was the bad economy, which drove independent voters strongly toward GOP candidates. But just as important was the enthusiasm gap and the fact that Republicans turned out at a much higher rate than Democrats in almost every state in the country.
  • Lieberman, Conrad Retiring: Who's Next? - Former Democrat Is One of the Few Remaining Moderates in the U.S. Senate (By JONATHAN KARL, ABC)
  • Mayor Bloomberg Suddenly Stumbling (Ron Hart, Yahoo News) While he has repeatedly denied any plans to run for president, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 68, may be the perfect candidate for many 'purple' parts of the electorate. He has been a Democrat. He has been a Republican. He is now an independent.
  • Medicaid pulls plug on Pedro's Bronx clinics (By CARL CAMPANILE, NY Post) State Medicaid Inspector James Sheehan's Office notified both Espada and his son, Pedro Gautier Espada, that they've been "excluded" from receiving or handling Medicaid dollars from the Soundview Healthcare Network.

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