Saturday, January 15, 2011

Joelle Riddle: Popular La Plata County Colorado Elected Official Becomes Independent Grassroots Organizer

Democratic-turned independent La Plata County Colorado Commissioner-turned independent activist (indeed a glorious journey!) Joelle Riddle completed her last day as an elected official this past week and shared this personal note with her supporters and other independent activists around the country. Joelle kindly agreed to share her thoughts with The Hankster:

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday [January 10, 2011] was my last day as an elected official and so now I'm jumping right into my new job as a grassroots organizer and I couldn't be more excited!
I know some of you as friends and others I hope to get to know better, as you were some of the first people who signed up to be involved with Independent Voters for Colorado (IVC). Thank You!! 
I have great expectations for IVC and the people of Colorado and will let you know about the upcoming Ballot Initiative on Open Primaries that we hope to have ready to go for 2012 as well as other things we will be working on, including a more dynamic and up to date website to keep you informed and connected.
I will be attending an important national conference of independents in NY next month (there's still time for you to register!) sponsored by I am hoping to network, connect and be inspired by what many other organizations across the nation are doing to support political reform in independent ways.
Thanks and I look forward to working with you this year,
Joelle Riddle, Founder - Independent Voters for Colorado (IVC)

Thanks Joelle! On behalf of Hankster readers: Likewise -- see you there!

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