Friday, October 24, 2008

RE: Urgent about that Sarah Palin stuff that's circulating among the liberal networks

RE: Urgent‏: A message from my colleague in my Southern Homeland:
FR: Your Hankster

Hey guys. I would like to challenge the direction of a well-meaning colleague of mine re: Sarah Palin....

Here's what I think:

We the American people are well within shouting-distance of the election of the first African American President in US history.

How did that happen?

"That's some hard work, Bob!"

Thanks to a 30-40 year grassroots organizing effort that started in the poor communities of New York (which you have been a part of), a powerful political alliance is emerging in the country between black and independent voters.

Thanks to the endless 40-year, day-after-day, year-after-year, smart, grassroots, anti-machine campaigns of ordinary people here in New York, led by my colleagues Fred Newman, Jackie Salit and many many other activists, voters and candidates all over the country, we the American people are poised to lead the country in a new direction.

Let us celebrate our maturity as a people! Yes, WE can do this!

Let's not be petty and partisan about Sarah Palin! Don't detract from this wonderful moment in American history!

I personally salute Gov. Palin for her patriotism, her bravery, and her many strengths as a spokesperson for her causes. Gov. Palin is certainly a "force to be reckoned with." Cudos! And, as far as I understand, she's definitely qualified to be Vice President of the US.

I strongly disagree with Gov. Palin's views on most issues. AND, I also feel that Sarah Palin is being demonized and I do not support this one ioata. Nada. Zippo. Zilch.

We (Americans) have so much to give the world. English Colony. Slave labor. 1776. Revolution. George Washington. Abolish slavery. Abraham Lincoln. Transformation. 1928 Crash. Rich Guy Roosevelt + compromise with Communist Party. 1960s JFK/Pres. Johnson. Vietnam. 1969.

American politics is also rife with demonization. That's how American elections are won.



I would urge us in the final days of our 2008 historical presidential election to keep our eyes on the un-prize -- DEMOCRACY -- not DEMONIZATION.

We don't need to be negative. The politics of "pick this one because if you don't, you'll get this one" smacks of an old-time politic/religion.

Feministically speaking, the fact is that "we" (women) don't need any of "them" (men). It goes without saying that "they" (men) need us. BUT let's move BEYOND THE WHOLE "us" and "them" world.

Can't we create something new??? Designers of the world unite! Feminism is the new independence. OR: Women of the world unite -- if not socialism, then what the hell, let's try humanism.


Keep on keepin' on....

Nancy Hanks The Hankster
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