Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Voter registration soars (Lawerence Journal World News) Democrats now make up the largest voting bloc at 27,357 people, compared with 27,283 independent voters and 23,951 Republicans. The rest are either Libertarian or Reform party voters.

  • Milkovich alleges voter irregularities (Shreveport Times) Conservative Democrat John Milkovich, who Saturday finished a close third in a four-way bid for that party's entry in the coming general election for the 4th Congressional District seat, claims independent voters who wanted to cast ballots for him were refused.
  • Brown is best candidate for secretary of state-The veteran senator can offer bipartisan leadership (Statesman Journal) The Secretary of State's Office has suffered a severe case of partisanship under Democrat Bill Bradbury. Any of the three candidates would be an improvement from that perspective. Rick Dancer goes so far as to call for making the position nonpartisan. He also is a supporter of the proposal for open primaries, Measure 65.
  • Open primary? Yes. The rest? Forget it (The Forest Grove News-Times)
  • Have you heard? 3 are vying for Oregon's top elections job (The Oregonian) Rick Dancer on Measure 65: "It rubs me the wrong way as a journalist that 25 percent of our people are registered to vote, but they can't vote in the primary," he says.

  • Obama’s Victory Road? - Debate Over, Now on to Florida's I-4 Corridor. (The Washington Independent) That’s because the I-4 corridor may be the most important political real estate in the nation. Running through Tampa, Lakeland, Daytona Beach and Orlando, the corridor holds the key to the biggest chunk of independent voters in the biggest of all battleground states.
  • Obama picks up second debate win, poll says (CNN) Fifty-four percent of those identifying themselves as independents said the Illinois senator performed best, with 28 percent saying that McCain did the better job.
  • Why McCain Blinked (by Joe Conason, NY Observer) Senator McCain knew he was addressing independent voters, so he restrained himself from plunging straight into the gutter
  • War bad idea, even when it’s Obama’s (Cumberland Sentinel) Unfortunately, the idea of fighting wars to serve various undescribed “strategic interests” looms large in the political discourse, both among elected officials and the foreign policy think tanks they rely upon for advice.

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