Monday, October 06, 2008


  • Some residents blocked from voting-Independents briefly locked out of primary (NOLA Times Picayune)
  • Coffield Challenges Georgia’s “Five Percent” Ballot Access Law (The Atlanta Progressive News) Attorneys for Faye Coffield--Gary Sinawski of Brooklyn, New York, and Walker Chandler of Zebulon, Georgia--filed a Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief in the US District Court, North District of Georgia, in late August 2008, according to a copy of the filing obtained by Atlanta Progressive News.

  • Will race be the deciding factor in battleground Missouri? (Kansas City Star) Nationally, about a third of white Democrats and independents harbor at least a partly negative view of black people, according to the recent AP-Yahoo News poll.
  • Palin's O.C. fundraiser attracts more than 1,000 (The Orange County Register) A third of Democrats, a third of Latinos, and nearly as many independent voters said they "didn't expect much but were surprised" by Palin's performance.
  • Ipsos/McClatchy: Undecideds Move To Obama/Biden (By Justin Gardner, Donklephant) Palin was apparently more likable, but the independent voters don’t like her enough to trust her running the country.
  • Experts tapping emotions to sway your vote - High-tech strategies track your behavior (The Arizona Republic) This year, independent voters are a hot commodity as the major political parties seek to add to their bases.
  • EMBRACE POPULISM, STAY STRONG ON SOCIAL ISSUES - The state of the GOP (The Free Lance Star - Fredicksburg VA) McCain himself has now moved to positions more in line with a conservative populist agenda that attracts independent voters as well as his base.

PERFORMING THE WORLD/blogging the world
  • Blogging/Slogging the World (Robert Koulish, Koulflo Memo) Hopefully when this campaign is over, bloggers will continue to take it to the corporate media that is trying to prevent the democratization of the blogging world. As Justin pointed out, the key for us is the struggle to ensure “net neutrality,” and prevent a two tier system on the internet superhighway. We need the same speed and access that corporate america has. we also need to protect the privacy of personal information which will safeguard this new generation of political organizers from falling prey to 21st century versions of cointelpro and the urban red squads.
  • new york, new york - notes from a movement meditation teacher (the wily feminista) I met people here who are working with HIV positive women in South Africa; inner city kids and cops in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Harlem; people who are working with children of war in Colombia and the Congo; and, most of all, young people who have come up from poverty and violence everywhere on the globe who are saying "No more" and working to make a difference in their communities.....

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