Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jon Huntsman Could Attract Independents in 2012 Presidential Run

Huntsman campaign assembled, candidate needed (Philip Elliott - The Associated Press, Daily Herald - Provo UT) Huntsman could attract independents and centrists while the other candidates fight over -- and split the vote of -- conservatives who dominate GOP primaries. His support of civil unions for gay couples and belief in humans' role in climate change, not to mention his time in the Obama administration, could enrage the party's powerful right wing or alienate tea party voters.
NOTE: This article was widely published nationally including Washington Post and Forbes


Randy Miller said...

I can only hope. Huntsman has also openly advocated for open primaries and non-partisan redistricting. And he is one heck of a diplomatic leader. Utah is sorely missing him as governor.

Nancy Hanks said...

Randy -- how do you think independents can participate in this dialogue gone national?

Randy Miller said...

I think we can probably facilitate a discussion on whether or not Huntsman can enjoy the Howard Dean groundswell phenomenon? I am hoping for at least one more campaign in my life that is largely influenced and decided by a grassroots movement. Would such a figure remain sympathetic to the movement that installed them in that office, or like Obama sellout to party insiders?