Thursday, March 17, 2011

NY State Independence Party: Something Doesn't Smell Right

Judge: Evidence aplenty vs. NY political operative (Wall Street Journal/AP) 

There is "overwhelming" evidence against a political operative charged with bilking New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg out of more than $1 million, and the billionaire mayor's wealth and stature don't make the case a victimless crime, a judge said Tuesday...
NY IP Chair Frank MacKay [photo from The Capitol]
...The Independence Party, the state's third-largest political party, hasn't been charged with any crime but has taken heat from prosecutors and a civil-court judge over Haggerty. Prosecutors have said in a lawsuit that the party "knew or should have known about" Haggerty's alleged scheme; a civil-court judge has frozen the party's bank accounts and said its conduct "doesn't smell right."
Right. For an interesting backgrounder on NY State IP Chair Frank MacKay, see Chris Bragg's The Capitol article from last November "The Real MacKay - A glimpse into the Independence Party chairman’s mind, and into his castle"

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