Friday, March 11, 2011

Utah League of Independent Voters Founder Randy Miller Sells Jerry Stevenson On e-Bay

Do you ever think that your elected official has "sold out"? Get the feeling that he (or she) is up for sale to the highest bidder?

Randy Miller, founder of Utah League of Independent Voters (ULIV), takes it literally. Unhappy with his State Senator from District 21 Jerry Stevenson, Randy (full disclosure - Randy is a contributing blogger here at The Hankster, not to mention a great political cartoonist...)

Jerry Stevenson Utah Senator District 21

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Randy posted his complaints to his Facebook page "I am auctioning off some useless junk--My state senate representative Jerry Stevenson for failure to represent. He supported HB 477 as well as the food tax, wepwesentative wepubwic resolution, partisan school board elections and prohibiting digital signatures for initiatives and petitions. Proceeds will help the Utah League of independent Voters give a stronger voice to the people of Utah."

It went viral -- 1,000 + hits and media: be sure to check out Sean P. Means Cultural Vulture blog at the Salt Lake City Tribune today AND really REALLY check out Politics in the Zeros -- Bob Morris is a great blogger for independents to pay attention to!

Also read more about the fight in Idaho by independents for open primaries here. Harry Kresky of has been carrying the torch for independents in Idaho for over a year when intervened in a lawsuit brought by the Repubs seeking to close a traditionally open primary system.

Here is a link to the testimony

Kresky thinks it is a matter of the parties vs. the people. I agree.

What do you think?

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