Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Partisan Politics Is Over

Take back our country? Yes, but not that way.
by Walter Ian Kaye

I believe it is time to begin architecting a New America, despite the massive inertia of status quo. Theoretically there are two possible paths toward reboot: from within the belly of the beast, or from an independent, external structure. Obama in the White House is the illustration of the old mindbender question "What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?" so we now see that the first path will not work. It was a great experiment, and we have a new trail to blaze!

The first step is Open Primaries, which needs to be the law for every state. Along with that reform should be Ranked- Choice Voting, which further levels the playing field.

The second step is permanent abolishment of corporate personhood. The Supreme Court was horribly misguided in its Citizens United decision, and that needs to be overturned ASAP. A business entity is only such for bookkeeping and contractual purposes; it does not have emotions, it does not have consciousness or a conscience, it does not live and breathe — it is not a person! Only living people should be allowed in the political process, and that must be made clear in both state and federal law. If business managers believe some political thing is good for their company, let them evangelize to their employees and trade associations, not to congress via PACs or the public via advertising.

The third step is the abolishment of political parties. Step 1 will do much to facilitate this, as do the lameness and obstinacy of the big two parties already.

Partisan politics is over. It had uses before the Internet Age, but there are better and healthier ways to run our country. When I look at John Boehner, I see a man held prisoner by the GOP, not allowed to be his true self. Of course he does not realize this; no brainwashed person is aware of being so, else they wouldn't be brainwashed. It is very insidious and subliminal. And because no one can serve two masters, no member of a political party can truly serve the people due to being beholden to their party. George Washington knew how bad the party system is; why do we still suffer with this monster?

We must do what Obama (a party member) could not: architect and build a new system from scratch, where the government truly is of, by and for the People, where life, liberty, health, compassion, cooperation and the pursuit of happiness can be manifest for all citizens.


richardwinger said...

The United States signed the Helsinki Accords, along with 17 other nations who also signed. The Copenhagen Document pledges that all the signing nations will "respect the right of individuals and groups to establish, in full freedom, their own political parties and provide such political parties and organizations with the necessary legal guarantees to enable them to compete with each other on a basis of equal treatment before the law and by the authorities." Abolishing political parties would mean rule by the oligarchs, and would violate this and several other human rights treaties.

Boodlums said...

Perhaps 'abolish' was the wrong word. I didn't mean outlaw them, but rather eliminate anything that would lead anyone to ever imagine that they would "need" any. And ensure that independents have no disadvantage relative to party members, which is the most important thing. THAT belongs in the Helsinki Accords. Forcing people into a "separate but equal" partisan system is Apartheid, and we pretty well abolished that!

Nancy Hanks said...

Well put, Boodlums!

richardwinger said...

Suppose there were no primaries, and parties nominated candidates in party meetings, which is the normal pattern all over the democratic world (outside the U.S.). What would your attitude be then?

CUIP is a corporation that is active in politics. I am not upset that I don't get to vote for officers of CUIP. Should I be? If not, why not?

Boodlums said...

Richard, you posit things you know I consider wrong. I think you can guess my response!


richardwinger said...

Let's talk on the phone. I'm at 415-922-9779.

Mr. RiGHT 4 PREZ said...

If anyone #1 Party is controlled by the Corporate Lobbys's the one who cannot stop "spending" ... Telling us we have to reinvest in infastructure, Green Tech ...etc...etc...... Then they turn around and ask for more Tax dollars out of our middle class & our small businesses...(claiming someone making 200,000 a year is a millionaire or billionaire)

Mr. RiGHT 4 PREZ said...

Here's another Fact ... That the top #20 Political Donors in are ALL PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS ...Not Corporations! ... I guess the Left sould have all that Public Sector Money than all the free advertisement on the Corporate Media ... and no one else should be able to contribute ... as a matter of fact lets chase ALL CORPORATIONS OUT of the Country!!! Yep!!!! Lets get rid of them all!!