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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Breaking with tradition: Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

Jesse Jackson has endorsed Barack Obama (there are many articles but here is one from the International Herald Tribune), for the nomination of the Democratic Party for President (sub-text: not Hillary Clinton) and the Democratic nomination is now up for grabs. Why? Because the black vote is very important to the Democratic Party, and the Take-Them-For-Granted era is -- apparently -- over.

Cudos to Rev. Jackson for his "split" from the Dem Party Line: and we all know that the Democratic Line is vote for Hillary--it's Her time, not Obama's time...

Well, good point: Who's time is it?

I say it's the time for American independents. The time for ordinary people in this country to speak up about what it is that the American people need and desire. Our history of identity politics (how drab is the dialogue about black vs. women vs. gay vs. conservative vs. liberal vs. whoever?) is changing.

I'm not endorsing Obama, but I have to admit, the emerging alliance between black voters, independent voters, the "topsy-turvy" climate, lead me to paying a LOT of attention to the Obama campaign.

What will Barack Obama's outreach to independent voters look like? That's a question I'm eager to see play out. -NH

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Anonymous said...

Well, props to Jesse Jackson then-- while I've had more than a few gripes with him in the past, he's done a good turn by endorsing Barack Obama over a pro-war and pro-corporate welfare type like Hillary Clinton. Hillary is the worst thing to happen to the Democrats since LBJ blundered this country into Vietnam.

It's not just Hillary's Iraq War supporting, it's her cozying up to the likes of Rupert Murdoch and the very anti-populist ambitions of the same, in support of outsourcing and other policies destroying the US industrial and tech base, the flag-burning crap, not to mention attacking fellow Dems like Kerry and Obama both-- even going so far as to BS about Obama, claiming that Geffen was his campaign finance chairman (that was bull).

Most of us among the rank-and-file Dems wouldn't vote for Hillary in 2008 if you gave us our own small tropical island as a giveaway. The Democratic party higher-ups had better come to their senses on this. Obama OTOH, even possibly Edwards could definitely win it for us, if for no other reason than they would attract us to actually cast ballots for them.