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Friday, March 23, 2007

Urgent Message from Texas independent leader Linda Curtis

Dear Friends and Members:
Just yesterday our "champion", Sen. John Carona, told a newspaper reporter that he would not move SB 1267, to put a 2-year moratorium on the Corridor/Tolls, out of the Senate Transportation Committee. Since then, he's been catching hell from citizens across the state.
Here's what we need from you for the next few days. Email, and then, call your friends -- those with and without emails -- and make sure they do this tomorrow and Monday.
Call Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst's office 512.463.0001. Let the Lt. Gov. know that we're counting on him to get the Corridor/Toll Moratorium bill, SB 1267, out of the Senate Transportation Committee and passed through the State Senate, right away. He should have no problem with this, since we already have 81% of the Senate signed on. With that amount of support, if he can't get it passed, it's clear he's not up to being Governor of this state in 2010. Be polite, but tell the Lt. Gov. we know what the hell's going on.
Our supporters in the House and Senate are holding strong -- including former Transportation Commission Member, State Senator, Robert Nichols. Why? Because they know that Texans -- from across the socio-economic, racial, political and geographic spectrum, are sick and tired of political corruption.
We will not sit by while this administration (from Perry on down), prepares to bleed this state dry for the profit of a private corporation -- Spanish, Australian, or otherwise. We will not sit by, while they ignore the vast majority of citizens, and even now, our own elected representatives,
What the hell's going on is that I'm fired up and I'm not gonna take it anymore. How 'bout you?
Make those calls and let me hear from you.
AND I hope to SEE you at one of these meetings. If one is not close enough to you, organize one and I'll come! (For details check our calendar by clicking here:
Calendar): Mon, Mar 26, Dallas, Tues, Mar 27, Sat, Mar 31, Channelview, and Wed, April 18, Austin.
Linda Curtis
Independent Texans
P. O. Box 14294
Austin, TX 78761
512-657-2089 cell

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