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Thursday, March 08, 2007

She's Vulnerable

From Sunday's Talk/Talk with Jackie Salit and Fred Newman:
Salit: The newest polls show the black vote starting to shift away from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama. Chris Matthews made the point that this shift undercuts “the inevitability factor” – a major component of the Clinton strategy.
Newman: I’ve never bought in on the “inevitability factor.” It was spin from the start.
Salit: No, you didn’t. And now Obama is unraveling it, and Hillary suddenly looks vulnerable.
Newman: She’s always been vulnerable. That’s why her campaign focused so heavily on projecting that she wasn’t.
Salit: The Clintons, and Bill Clinton in particular, have cultivated a strong connection to black elected officials, to the black political establishment and to black voters. That’s been largely unchallenged.
Newman: Right. Except that Obama is black....

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