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Monday, March 26, 2007

Independents shifting left

Moderates Migrate to Dems, By Paul Silver (The Moderate Voice) ...As a moderate Independent I will probably tend to support Democrats in the next elections, not so much because they have better ideas but because the bar for competence and reform has been so lowered by the current crop of GOP leaders that the Dems seems relatively more likely to move the country forward in the healthiest direction. By comparison they seem to me to be more open minded, more far sighted, more practical, and more likely to get meaningful things accomplished for the environment, diplomacy, healthcare, energy and civil liberties....

Thanks, Paul -- and let's not forget that independents must remain independent in order to change the direction our country is going in. That takes organization at the grassroots!

By the way, my friend Pete Abel from Central Sanity is also writing for The Moderate Voice. If you haven't checked out his columns, please do! "...If I’ve learned anything in the last five months of participating in the moderate/centrist/independent corner of the online world, it’s this: The universe of disillusioned voters is growing. Americans are increasingly fed up with both major parties; they don’t feel either speaks for them, and thus, they want alternatives to rise up and represent them...."

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