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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Conversations on Independence

Yesterday on The Daily KOS, commonscribe points out the gains that the Dems made from independent voters in the midterm elections and comments that those gains aren't likely in the presidential 08 election if things keep going the way they're going in Congress. As an independent, I'll add that independent voters are used to determining elections only to be forgotten in the interim. Let's face it, the pols are looking for votes, not loyalty....


Anonymous said...

So what's an independent to do? Vote Republican? Stay home? Vote for a 1% loser?

commonscribe's assertion that Iraq is now off the table is absurd. But how can independents exert leverage there, since they're not building a 3rd party?

Simply slamming the Dems for their impotence is just as impotent as the Dem bloggers pointing out that Bush is a dog, but at least they have a plan. Elect more Democrats. What's your plan?

Anonymous said...

Check out Kos (, "They all deserve blame for Capitulating." When justice thunders condemnation.