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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hankster Poll: Dem Debate

Which Democratic candidate spoke most strongly to the issues of independent voters in the South Carolina debate?

Here's the short answer from (no doubt Hard Core Debate Watchers! -- not an insignificant grouping!) Hankster readers over the past week:

Joe Biden - 0 votes
Hillary Clinton - 1 vote
Chris Dodd - 0 votes
John Edwards - 0 votes
Mike Gravel - 0 votes
Dennis Kucinich - 1 vote
Barack Obama - 1 vote
Bill Richardson - 0 votes
None of the above - 0 votes

Enough said!!!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Enough said about what???? There's no substance to this at all, and the results tell me:

1)Since "None of the above" got zero, the three votes cast for Clinton, Ombama, and Kucinich represent the three people who responded to your survey.

2) Those three people are split 33.3% among Clinton, Obama and Kucinich.

I can't understand why you would publish a survey with such an insignifcant number of responses. However, since you chose to do so, shouldn't you offer some kind of analysis? Like "It seems independant hard core debate watchers are interested in these three candidates equally."