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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Conversations on Independence

Some Dems continue to shun her, but Green Party activist Myles Hoenig on Dissident Voice applauds Cindy Sheehan for leaving the Dems.... and Jack E. Dunning over at The Dunning Letter takes it a little further: we need an Independent Party, he says... speaking of which, think Michael Bloomberg should run for President as an independent? Jackie Salit, president of the Committee for a Unified Independent Party, has some thoughts on that very thing.... And The Angry Independent on Mirror on America reminds us that a lot of folks just stay out of politics... If the independent movement speaks on behalf of -- and organizes -- the left-out, locked-out, all the people that the Dems and Repubs don't want -- we can change the direction our country is going. Let's get busy!

More on Cindy Sheehan: UPDATED 5/31/07 Eli Pariser, executive director of, responds to relevancy issue in a CNN interview on Raw Story..... and here's a link to a long but interesting interview with Cindy Sheehan on Democracy Now. She's not quitting, she says. She's going to come back and do something "independent".

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