Today is primary day and 3.5 million Flori

Monday, May 28, 2007


  • California independents vote "issues and people, not a party"... (Contra Costa Times)
  • California "Rumpocracy"--a majority of adults are not registered with either of the two major parties and say that California needs another major political party... (California Progress Report)


Unknown said...

Times of upheaval bring about revolutionary changes. The present moment seems a perfect opportunity for a third political party to come to prominence. How about a coalition of Blacks, Latinos, Union Employees, minimum wage earners, single moms, liberal Christians, Muslims, minimum wage earners, 18-29'ers (the only age bracket that gave Kerry a majority) and people in favor of equal rights for same sex partners?

Or just the Poor People's Party?

Given a sufficiently dynamic leader (oh, Lord, please let such a leader have integrity, intelligence, wit, compassion, and call "things" by their real name), there could be a surge.

The major impediments, of course, are - the mainstream media, the DLC, the DNC and all the leading political consultants - not to mention the corporate elites, the wealth elites, the military elites, and the fundamental religious elites, the academic elites, ... elite me to death ... gag

But ... elites are elites, and poor people are poor people ... and to be poor in America, well, that has always been considered the ultimate crime ... so many people are one major family illness, one foreclosure, one job loss away from living on the streets ... I have a dream, I have a vision, I have a hope ... and I have an abiding faith in "the system" ... and ultimately, I have a faith in the American people

Anonymous said...

"Times of upheaval bring about ..." But is this a time of upheaval? A time of malaise, indeed. Massive injustice, certainly. Dark forces afoot, you bet. But not upheaval. Upheaval is what Mark wants, not what we have.

The coalition you call for is not a new idea, in the broad strokes. It would be great to have. But I would argue that the progressive independent forces in this country are not there. Getting there, that's where it gets interesting.

Nancy Hanks said...

Mark - I'd vote for a Poor People's Party in a second!