Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Indies are SIRIUS

Indie Talk Launches General Election Coverage with 'The Fight for Independents'
Special Broadcast Exclusively on SIRIUS
SIRIUS Satellite Radio
Press Release
Sun Herald
NEW YORK, June 25 -- SIRIUS Satellite Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI) today announced that Indie Talk, the first radio channel for independent voters, will broadcast "The Fight for Independents" -- a live, town hall style roundtable discussion program. As the candidates and the nation prepare for the general election, political maverick Ron Silver, comedian Pete Dominick, and former Court TV anchor Vinnie Politan, all hosts on Indie Talk, will hold a live open-forum call-in broadcast with independent voters to find out how they plan to cast their votes and why.

The one hour broadcast, airing at 1 pm ET, Tuesday July 8th, will also feature top political analysts from prominent blogs covering the election season, from The Huffington Post to Newsweek's The Stumper to, who will share their insight on how the candidates are appealing to independent voters on the campaign trail.

"The Fight for Independents" kicks off Indie Talk's season of campaign coverage designed exclusively for independent voters, including "Indie Watch," weekly segments highlighting independent voters from across the country and the issues most important to them....... [read more from SIRIUS ]

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