Sunday, June 15, 2008


  • Can McCain Remain Competitive? (American Thinker) How McCain-Feingold is holding McCain back
  • Democrats’ Vote Drive in Louisiana Stirs Concern (New York Times) Registrars have reported that as many as a third of the applications cannot be entered into the system, and many of the rest require more information. The state Republican Party called the operation “the Dems’ phony registration drive.”
  • Obama Surges Ahead (Democratic Underground)

  • Riven by factions, Idaho GOP picks Semanko as new leader (Seattle Times) As Semanko takes the reins, he'll have to figure out a way to manage libertarian-leaning Ron Paul supporters; social conservatives such as anti-abortion activist Bryan Fischer; and Rod Beck, the chief advocate for shuttering Idaho's GOP primary to Democrats and independents he blames for picking Republican candidates only lukewarm to party ideals.
  • Semanko ousts Sullivan at divided GOP convention (Fort Mill Times)
  • Idaho GOP reverses course, votes to keep primary open (Local News 8 - Idaho Falls, Pocatello)

  • The Republican “Voters First” Initiative (Calitics) “The Citizens Redistricting Commission shall consist of 14 members, as follows: five who are registered with the largest political party in California based on registration, five who are registered with the second largest political party in California based on registration, and four who are not registered with either of the two largest political parties in California based on registration.”
  • It's time to eliminate the Electoral College (Chicago Post Tribune)
  • Cheers, jeers at the state Democratic convention in Spokane (The News Tribune Spokane)
  • Bob Barr makes his case at Texas Libertarian convention (Dallas Morning News)
  • Time to Fix the Electoral Process, Panelists Say (Legal Times Blog)
  • Should the side with the most votes always win? (St. Petersburg Times)

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