Thursday, June 26, 2008


Pew Study Finds One in Five Atheists Believe in God ( --Atheists and agnostics also have higher ratios of independent voters than most other groups in the study.

New political battleground: Voters in the middle (Chicago Daily Herald)

  • Results of new poll surprising-The Midwest Democracy Institute has taken a new poll of 400 Michiganders, and it predictably strikes a dismal note — but one that contains some surprising grounds for optimism. (Hometown Life MI) lots of folks are interested in reforming the system and willing to work hard to do it.
  • 'Reform' petition is a grab for control of the courts (The Detroit News Editorial) It is far too radical a rewrite of the state Constitution to be done in a ballot measure pushed by anonymous funders and masked in salary cutting language
  • Voters may be asked to downsize Lansing-GOP says Dems gain in petition to cut leadership (Detroit Free Press)
  • Groups criticize Perata for opposing redistricting measure (Contra Costa Times)
  • REDRAWING THE MAP ON DEMOCRACY (Philadelphia Daily News) As you can imagine, the power to guarantee themselves great jobs means it will be hard to pry this power out of lawmakers' hands.
  • 21st century gerrymander is biggest threat to system (By DAVID S. BRODER, The Washington Post)
  • Keep electoral college (LETTER Tampa Bay Weekly) It is every liberal-socialist’s dream that this be done so that heavily populated states such as New York and California can dictate who the U.S. president is going to be.

Lengthy Washington Post Article on Ralph Nader (Ballot Access News) WaPo article here

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