Tuesday, September 16, 2008


  • Party controls outcome (The Leaf Chronicle) It came as a shock to a number of voters in Cheatham, Houston and Montgomery counties that a political party could overturn primary election results. [NOTE: To echo one commenter, Shocked? We're shocked you're shocked, sir! Voters are not in the least "shocked" by this behavior by a political party!!]
  • Voter registration opens up again in Del. (The News Journal) many registered Republican and independent voters chose to change to the Democratic Party for the gubernatorial primaries.

  • NJ: McCain narrows Obama's lead in N.J., poll finds (Courier Post online) Independent voters are split 38 percent for Obama and 37 percent for McCain.
  • PA: Obama descends on Pennsylvania to woo key voters-Eyes women, independents; surrogates on Palin attack (Washington Times)
  • IA: Obama establishes double-digit lead in Iowa poll (Oskaloosa Herald) Des Moines Register poll says independent voters helping Obama
  • OH: Obama cuts McCain's lead in new poll (Columbus Dispatch/Road to Washington) Obama is winning independent voters, so the 12-point "loyalty gap" is a difference-maker.
  • US: Electoral Map Looks Similar To 2004, 2000- Washington Post: Obama Still Seeks To Expand Battleground, But Familiar States Expected To Once Again Be Key To Victory (CBS News-Washingtonpost.com) New Hampshire took a sharp turn toward the Democrats two years ago, but McCain's popularity there could offset that advantage. New Hampshire strategists said over the weekend that independent voters, whom both McCain and Obama courted during their respective primaries, will decide the outcome in November, particularly the more than 100,000 independents who did not vote in either primary.
  • PA: State of the race (Lancaster Online) Independent voters are split nearly evenly, 45 percent for McCain and 44 percent for Obama.

  • Libertarian National Committee in a deadlock over how to address growing Bob Barr controversies (Mens News Daily) Barr refused to attend Ron Paul's Rally for the Republic [see part of Jesse Ventura's address at the top of The Hankster. Most Americans think independent candidates should be in the debates. Rockthedebates.org tells the story...]
  • Dean Barkley’s candidacy and what it means in 2008 (Minnesota Daily)
  • Barack Obama Will Only be on Democratic Line in South Carolina (Ballot Access News) Obama refuses IP and other lines offered
  • Federal Court Holds Hearing on Lawsuit to Remove McCain from California Ballot (Ballot Access News) The leading precedent on who has standing to challenge the ballot access of a major party nominee is Fulani v Hogsett, 917 F 2d 1028 (7th cir., 1990). It said that Lenora Fulani did have standing to challenge the ballot placement of George H. W. Bush and Michael Dukakis, since their presidential elector candidates had been filed after the legal deadline in Indiana.

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