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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Independents to Meet in NYC February 12 national conference of independents is taking place this Saturday and will address "Can Independents Reform America?" Both Colorado and Connecticut are pushing for voting reform with the introduction of two open primary bills. There is also an update on yesterdays story of the Utah Citizens group urging for the establishment of independent redistricting commissions.

  • 2011 conference (by RMiller, PoliZeros) I am excited for my first post on polizeros and this opportunity to write about the upcoming biennial conference of The theme for the conference this year is “Can independents Change America?”
  • Colorado Bill for a Semi-Closed Primary (Ballot Access News) Colorado Representative Edward Casso (D-Thornton) has introduced HB 1012, to let independent voters vote in a partisan primary. [pick a ballot]
  • Three Connecticut Bills Would Alter Primary Elections (Ballot Access News) Connecticut Representative Linda Schofield (D-Simsbury) has introduced H5730, to provide that independent voters may vote in a party primary. [currently determined by the party]
  • Are independent voters really just party crashers? ( Grade) NOTE: this column is completely erroneous
  • Thomas Elias: New party rules could open doors for GOP candidates (Pasadena Star News) The new system will let all voters opt for anyone they like in primaries, meaning Democrats can cast ballots for Republicans if there is no serious contest in their own party's race - as when Gov. Jerry Brown ran last spring - and Republicans can vote for Democrats. Party registration may not mean so much anymore, even in fall runoff elections, for study after study has shown that when people vote for a candidate once, they are comfortable doing it again and again.
  • Utah group calls for panel to help redistricting (By: The Associated Press, Washington Examiner) Aileen Clyde, the group's organizer and a former member of the Utah State Board of Regents, said redistricting in the past in favor of Republicans have made Utah's elections some of the least competitive in the country.
  • Drawing districts (EDITORIAL Salt Lake Tribune) The best proposal for an independent commission came from the Fair Boundaries initiative. Unfortunately, it didn’t get enough petition signatures to make it onto the ballot last year. And who sets the absurdly high signature requirements? You guessed it. The Legislature.

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