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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Open Primaries: Debate Over "Top Two"

Ken Bingenheimer (National Common Ground Examiner) hosts a series on Top Two open primaries with Nancy Hanks (yours truly) and Solomon Kleinsmith of Rise of the Center. Tell us what you think!

  • Top Two voting: More democratic or not? (By Ken Bingenheimer, National Common Ground Examiner) While a variety of organizations are working for electoral reform that will give more sway to independent voters and voters in the political middle, there are sharp disagreements about Top Two in particular. We have asked proponents on both sides of this argument to state their cases. On the pro side is Nancy Hanks, who runs The Hankster blog and is affiliated with the Committee for a Unified Independent Party. Speaking for the con side is Solomon Kleinsmith, who operates the Rise of the Center blog.
  • They say they're not running in 2012 (By Candy Crowley, CNN Chief Political Correspondent) There are solid reasons to wonder if Bloomberg has appeal beyond his city limits. He's a billionaire and he's been a Republican, an independent and a Democrat. Can you spell coalition?
  • Bloomberg's Presidential Campaign Doesn't Add Up (John Ellis, BUSINESS INSIDER.COM) The question on the table is: can it be done?  Does an independent presidential campaign with Michael Bloomberg at the top of the ticket have any chance of success? The answer is almost certainly no.
  • Mayor Testified in Case Against Campaign Aide (By MICHAEL BARBARO, NY Times/City Room) The indictment against Mr. Haggerty has riveted New York City’s political world. It charges that he set up a phony ballot security operation for the mayor’s 2009 re-election and stole the money intended to pay for it to buy a house.
  • He's Back! Espada Plans Rally at Soundview Clinic (Bronx News Network) With him, according to a press release that describes the event as a "unity press conference," will be Espada's former nemesis turned number one supporter in the state senate, Ruben Diaz Sr. (we received the release from his communications person), as well as Assemblyman Marcus Crespo and Bishop Fernando Rodriguez of the Latin American Chaplain's Association, plus a whole bunch of other folks. 

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