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Monday, February 07, 2011

Open Primaries: Lost Identities?

California anticipates the new open primary next week in special elections. NY State legislature say No to popular vote.
  • Clock ticking in run for 28th California state senate seat - Issues of identity may hurt some hopefuls. (By Eric Bradley, Press Telegram - Long Beach) California's long-standing special election rules will list all eight candidates on a single ballot. However, under Proposition 14, passed by voters in June, if no candidate wins a majority, the top two vote-getters regardless of party advance to a runoff on April 19. Faced with the formidable Lieu, some candidates are hoping simply to survive past February, relying on the crowded field of candidates to dilute the vote enough to get to a runoff -- where they contend they have a better opportunity to win.
  • Contra Costa Times, Walnut Creek, Calif., Lisa Vorderbrueggen column (Trading Markets) In the June 2012 open primary, election clerks will be able to send every voter an identical ballot card without regard to party affiliation. Depending on the rules each party adopts with respect to who may vote for the presidential nominees, voters will receive a second ballot card. If the central committees remain on the ballot, election clerks must then send a third, distinct card based on party registration.

  • Pigeon set to take role in election reform effort - Golisano targeting electoral college (By Robert J. McCarthy, Buffalo News) Pigeon also was associated with Golisano’s Responsible New York political committee, which spent $4.4 million on legislative contests around the state in 2008. Seven states have passed legislation in recent years that would accomplish exactly what Golisano is seeking, according to Patrick Rosensteil, spokesman for National Popular Vote, an advocacy group with no connection to Golisano.  

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