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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Big Ideas from Pennsylvania

Eugene DePasquale of Pennsylvania is attempting to push legislation through that will reform voting. The core of his plan has to do with independent voters, specifically allowing them to vote in oprn primaries and make it easier to run for office by lifting restrictions placed on them.

State lawmaker pursues big voting reform ideas (Jennifer Rizzi, WHTM - abc27 News Harrisburg) "If Independent voters would like to vote in the Democratic primary one year and the Republican primary the next, or vice versa, my legislation would give them that choice," DePasquale said. He also wants to make it easier for Independents to run for political office by equalizing their rights and options with other parties.

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richardwinger said...

Representative DePasquale's proposal would let independent voters choose to vote in any party's primary. The clearest term for that is "semi-closed primary", and is what Arizona has now, and what California had before Prop. 14 came along.