Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Im an Independent Voter, Can I Vote in the Primary in Arizona?

Independents have to pick a primary in state elections. Call for top two open primaries!

  • Voter registration, early voting increase in Arizona (By The Associated Press, AzCapitolTimes.com) Officials also say about 13,000 people registered as independent voters, while the number of registered Republicans and Democrats fell.
  • More voters walking away from Democrat and Republican parties (AZ Central/Laurie Roberts' Columns & Blog) Meanwhile, with each set of new registration numbers, more and more Arizona voters are walking away from the two-party system. Yet the system remains, just as it has since statehood. When are we going to get around to dropping this antiquated system and going to a general and a runoff, where everybody votes on all the candidates regardless of party designation?

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