Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Independent Voters, Congress, and the Debt Debate

  • INDEPENDENT VOTERS BELIEVE CONGRESSIONAL REPUBLICANS ARE MORE PARTISAN THAN DEMOCRATS (by Christopher A. Guzman, CAIVN) 71% of these unaffiliated voters say congressional Republicans are now acting more like partisan Republicans. 65% think that congressional Democrats are governing like partisan Democrats. Inside-the-Beltway politics in the eyes of 72% of unaffiliated voters will likely become more partisan over the next year. 
  • House passes GOP debt measure; Obama praises compromise plan (By Alan Silverleib and Tom Cohen, CNN) A CBS News poll released Monday indicates that two-thirds of Americans say any agreement should include spending reductions and tax hikes, with 28% saying a deal should only include spending cuts and 3% saying it should only include tax increases. According to the survey, there is little partisan divide on the question. More than seven out of 10 Democrats and more than two-thirds of independent voters support a balanced approach, as do 55% of Republicans and 53% of self-described tea party movement supporters.
  • Commentary: Debt debate shows two-party system doesn't work (By Larry Mendte, Fox59 - Bloomington) I urge Independents to run for office and i urge independent voters to seek out and support those candidates. You want real change than change the system because it doesn’t work.
  • Polls: Americans want compromise in debt ceiling standoff (By: CNN's Paul Steinhauser and Alan Silverleib)
  • GOP’s Debt Kamikazes (John Avlon, The Daily Beast) The fact that defaulting on our debt would raise interest rates—deepening the fiscal hole we’re in by compounding the size of our deficit and debt overnight—is not addressed.  Instead we are greeted with nihilistic bubble talk...

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Rupert said...

‎435 Congressman is way too many. Nothing positive can get done with that unweildy number. We need to downsize the number to 365. I realize it will dilute our representation, but it will also have the affect of making it more difficult for extremists on both sides from getting elected. Oh, and the give the remaining Congressman 20% pay raises. Pass it On.