Thursday, July 14, 2011

Independent Voters: Rejection of any party affiliation


  • ON THE INDEPENDENCE OF INDEPENDENTS: ARE YOU AN INDEPENDENT IN NAME ONLY? (by Damon Eris, CAIVN) Yet Independents are virtually everywhere.  They span the ideological spectrum.  There are conservative, liberal, moderate, libertarian and progressive Independents.  What they all have in common, however, and what distinguishes them from Democrats and Republicans, is their refusal to identify with the Democratic and Republican parties, and indeed, their rejection of any party affiliation whatsoever.  
  • We Need Congressional Hearings on the Second Class Status of Independent Voters (POSTED BY NANCY HANKS, The Moderate Voice)
  • Independents are not Moderates (Sarah Lyons, The survey also encouragingly pointed out that—contrary to much theorizing that independents comprise “the center” of American political life—they remain a diverse lot with strong opinions. “The growing rejection of partisan identification does not imply a trend toward political moderation, however. In fact, the number of people describing their political ideology as moderate has, if anything, been dropping,” wrote Pew, acknowledging that while independents have come to played a central role in the last three national elections—this does not a “center” make....

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