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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Independents Don't Support Any Particular Economic Strategy

  • Aiming Economic Plans at Elusive Independents (By HELENE COOPER, NY Times) “When we look at it by party, what you see is that independents don’t stand out as supporting any particular strategy to a great degree,” said the director of the Pew Research Center poll, Andrew Kohut. “So there’s no one thing he can say that’s going to set off a light bulb among independents.” Rather, Mr. Kohut suggests, what Mr. Obama must do is try many proposals, “and if he gets blocked, go negative.”
  • Robert Gibbs Disputes Chris Matthews’ ‘Crazy, Unfounded Accusations’ Against President Obamavideo (by Tommy Christopher, Mediaite) Gibbs resisted the premise, steering his response around to the President’s relentless appeal to independent voters. “I don’t know that the President has really strong feelings on political labels on any side,” he said, before shifting the focus to Republicans’ opposition of measures they once supported, adding “Independents don’t want games.”

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