Today is primary day and 3.5 million Flori

Tuesday, September 06, 2011's Nancy Ross Says Congress Should Investigate Situations As in Utah Where One-Third of Voters Are Independent and Locked Out of Primary Voting

  • Voter group disapproves of Utah's closed primary elections (By Jennie Christensen, Cache Valley Daily) When it comes to politics, 54 percent of Utahns call themselves Independents. But Nancy Ross, national director for, says the state of Utah is anything but Independent. She says four years ago 93 percent of the people voted for Mitt Romney.
  • If you are a voter you'll want to read this (By KMVT News) Before July 1st, the state of Idaho never required party registration. But because of the federal court decision in Idaho republican party versus Ysursa, the law's changed. Only registered voters of a political party may vote to select their party's nominee.
  • Political Booths At County Fair Offer Friendly Alternative to Heated Debates (By Ben Botkin, Magic Valley Times News) There’s also voting information at the fair that doesn’t seek to sway your political views. The Twin Falls County Clerk’s office has a booth that explains the state’s switch to a closed primary system. It will require voters to declare a party affiliation before voting in the 2012 primaries, unless party leaders opt to allow unaffiliated voters to cast ballots.


richardwinger said...

Independents are not locked out of all Utah primaries. The Democratic, Libertarian and Constitution Parties let independents vote in their primaries (however, Utah only has primaries when someone is rejected at a party meeting but shows strength at that party meeting).

And in Idaho, all the qualified parties except the Republicans let independents vote in their primaries.

Randy Miller said...

When is the last time the Constitution or Libertarian parties actually found 2 people to run for the same office?
They aren't 'their' primaries Richard, they don't pay for them.
Abridged ballots are not acceptable in any form anyway. Saying that some parties given the discretion (illegaly and unethically) leave 'their' primaries open is merely an excuse. OCS taught me not to tolerate excuses.