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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Where Will Independents Swing in 2012?

  • Perry Skips S.C. Tea Party Forum, 5 Others Appear (by Julie Rose, NPR) Paul said Americans need a system of sound money, property rights, contracts, a judicial system and a defense department, and "not a heck of a lot else."
  • Climate, evolution thorny issues for GOP hopefuls (Joe Garofoli,Carla Marinucci, San Francisco Chronicle) Nationally, 55 percent of Americans believe that global warming is a "serious personal threat," according to a Gallup survey in August. The bad news for Republican presidential candidates: The Public Policy Institute survey found that 62 percent of independent voters, who are the swing voters in the state, believe that, too.
  • Democratic analysis: Jobs plan key (By: Celinda Lake and Daniel Gotoff and Kristin Pondel, Politico) While independent voters negligibly lean toward the GOP today: 29% to 26%, with a 45% plurality undecided, it is a far cry from the Republicans’ 19-point lead among independents in the 2010 election. Democrats can take back the House and should not miss this opportunity.
  • Palin Draws Double the Size Crowd as Romney, Yet Remains Out of Race (By Sarah B. Boxer, National Journal) “Solutions come from you,” she told the crowd. “It is you who run our factories and own our small businesses, who fight our wars, who build our communities with a service heart, that is our country. … Hope is in you. It’s not that nebulous hopey-changey stuff we heard in 2008."

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