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Sunday, September 11, 2011

On Being a Muslim American Post 9-11

August 'Gus' Preschel and Dr. Omar Ali (WFDD Voices & Viewpoints, Denise Franklin) Dr. Ali describes some of the challenges of being a Muslim American post 9-11.
 Listen (mp3) here.

PSN 2011 Election Reform Roundup: Conservatives Push Voter Suppression Nationwide (Cristina Francisco-McGuire, Progressive States Network) Advocates such as Project Vote, Demos, ACLU, Lawyers’ Committee, and NAACP have also played a key role in defending democracy throughout the states. Not only have they filed challenges against legislation such as Florida’s Voter Suppression Act and Missouri’s voter ID ballot initiative, but lawsuits to ensure state agency compliance under the National Voting Rights Act (NVRA) have been refreshingly successful. In 2011 alone, lawsuits in Indiana and New Mexico resulted in settlements that reinforce the NVRA’s mandate that public assistance agencies offer voter registration materials to clients. Lawsuits in Louisiana and Georgia are ongoing, while advocates have filed notice in Michigan and Texas regarding similar NVRA violations.

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