Friday, October 03, 2008


Editorial: It should always be about electing the best candidate (Wallowa County Chieftain) Roberts is mired historically in a two-party system which no longer exists. She also overlooks the fact that half a million Oregonians have chosen to register as Independents despite the fact that the current law disenfranchises them in primary elections.

  • In survey, independents back Biden (Allentown PA Morning Call) 69 percent of independents sided with Biden.
  • Palin gets the style points and a slim win over Biden (NY Daily News) With the race among independent voters becoming a referendum on the economic meltdown, the McCain-Palin ticket is sinking as fast as the stock market.
  • Obama gains 22-point lead over McCain in New York (AM New York) Obama leads McCain 58 percent to 36 percent, increasing his lead among Democrats and now leading with independent voters by 15 points, after he was tied among independents in the last Siena poll.
  • Every registered voter counts this year-Independents are the target (KRNV Channel 4) Both parties are focusing their campaign efforts primarily on the 31,000 independent voters that could tip the scale in their favor.
  • The Tina Fey Effect (The Weekly Standard, Gary Andres) Independents are also among the most volatile groups in tracking surveys because they lack party attachments and listen to the “loudest voice in the cafeteria,” as University of Maryland political scientist Jim Gimpel likes to say.
  • Obama surges back in NY (Albany Times Union/Capitol Confidential) Obama now leads with independent voters by 15 points, after being tied among independents in the last Siena poll.
  • Whose Palin? (The American Conservative) The old Buchanan Brigades now ride to the sound of the neocon guns.

POLL: Sen. Coleman pulls head with 10-point lead (KSTP) Barkley does surprisingly well again, registering 19 points.

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