Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Nite Hankster Chat in the Afternoon 4/22/11

Hi Hanksteristas!  It's Friday, it's afternoon, and because it's a holiday at my wonderful job, it's time for Friday Nite Hankster Chat in the Afternoon! Here's what's happening in Hankster World:

View out my window
8:35pm -- Here's the view out my window from Wednesday nite:

7:57pm -- Hey back, d. eris! Wow, I made some pasta and took a nap and now it's back to evening! What a nice Friday!!!

3:05pm -- Picked up some groceries, I savor the experience of going to the grocery store on a weekday daytime. My local grocery is 3 blocks away and has a nice stash of organic produce and a wonderful variety of Spanish and Asian staples. Now I wish I had taken a picture, however, I did take some pictures this week when I was out and about:
Empire State Building

12:15pm -- I slept in which I am truly grateful for, and now I'm up doing the youj, trolling Google for news by about and for independents, checking out my new RS online music notes... So here's something -- Rolling Stone Readers Pick the Best Music Videos of All Time 

Regular Hankster readers might know that The Hankster likes to start at the top (or the end in this case) and go down (or backwards in this case) rather than follow along on a big build-up to the crescendo moment at the top that is really exciting... Nothing wrong with the big build-up, but not my style...

So, I give you the Number One RS Reader Pick for a Music Video of All Time:

1. Michael Jackson, 'Thriller' (1983)
John Landis' 1983 short film for the title song fromMichael Jackson's record-setting album is so iconic and influential that it's not exactly a surprise that it won this poll by a landslide. So much more than a promo clip for a song, this mini-movie practically invented the notion of the music video as a major cultural event, and it opened up a world of possibilities for the medium that artists are still exploring today.

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