Friday, April 01, 2011

Hankster Liveblog Friday Night, April 1, 2011

11:20pm -- I got a college degree from VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) majoring in art history, in Richmond VA...

9:02pm -- And something that Randy and I talked about was a possible collaboration between Randy and long-time independent political cartoonist Alice Rydel. I happen to own an original Alice Rydel cartoon which I present to you now (! see below -- personally speaking -- I think this cartoon serves the test of time...).  This cartoon was created during the infamous "Dump Koch" campaign waged by the NYC New Alliance Party reform campaign. Community organizers also targeted the professional psychology and social work community on behalf of poor and working people. Their work continues to develop. If you want to read more about current work see here.

8:44pm -- Back from my neighborhood shopping trip for eggs and coffee for the morning. Spoke with Randy Miller, founder of and instigator of many interesting grassroots campaigns to empower independent voters... Randy is a surveyor and political activist AND political cartoonist

Randy and I will participate in a national grassroots activists conference call tomorrow evening and I'll get back to you on that...

7:47pm Ahh, I seriously love the view out my window... It's still interesting now as the universal lights go off and the human made lights go on...
done, with an interesting atmospheric band cutting the totally blue ESB


We had some drizzle today now morphing to beautiful clouds refracting latest sunlight as us earth-bound life forms in a major people-organized area settle down for a very nice show...






7:00 pm: I know you've been wondering 'Where the H is The H on Friday Night?'

Lot's of Friday nights we are running around doing stuff that needs to get done, or hanging out with friends or grocery shopping or going to a movie and all that.

I am happy to report that we have a spectacular sunset tonight from the view out my window and I hope you'll enjoy that with me...

I'll also be checking in with some online friends to see what's happening...

Stay with us!

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Randy Miller said...

Fabulous sunset!
I recognize the Ed Koch likeness, but you will have to catch me up to speed on the historical humor.
I wrapped up a cartoon yesterday with Obama and GW and a magician's hat. I'll plan to post this Tues or Wed. Caption reads, for our next trick we will fight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan plus a non-war bombing of Libya without raising taxes.