Thursday, April 07, 2011

Gary Allen: Idaho Could Move to "Top Two" Primary Like Washington or California



  • Independent Ogilvie is surprise aldermanic victor in St.Louis (By DAVID HUNN, St. Louis Dispatch) Ogilvie, a freelance graphic designer and Big Shark bike shop worker, promised change, responsiveness and transparency, voters said Tuesday. He is one of a few independents ever elected in the city.
  • Jesse Ventura To Run For Vice President? ( Jesse Ventura's publicist has confirmed that the 59-year-old former professional wrestler is considering entering the race for the 2012 Presidential elections as Ron Paul's running mate, reports Fox News.


  • Asian Immigrants In Queens Prepare For Redistricting Battle (By Cristina DC Pastor, Feet in 2 Worlds - Telling the Stories of Today's Immigrants) In New York’s case, redistricting is conducted by the state legislature, though Governor Andrew Cuomo and former New York City Mayor Ed Koch are among those trying to change the rules and establish a non-partisan independent redistricting commission. Mollenkopf noted how in the borough of Queens — specifically the Jackson Heights/Corona area — Asians tend to be juxtaposed between white and black neighborhoods and other ethnic communities. In an arrangement like this, he warned, Asians will be “manipulated by the [redistricting] process and played off against each other.”
  • Advocates bring out the snakes to slam Va. politicians’ redistricting plans (By Rosalind S. Helderman, Washington Post/Virginia Politics) “If we look at the lines, we’re seeing donkeys and elephants, drawing dragons and snakes,” said Doug Smith, head of the Redistricting Coalition that is urging a bipartisan redistricting commission.
  • Koch Expands On Senate Republicans’ “Dishonorable Act” With Redistricting Reform (By Allen Houston, City Hall News) “After the Republicans win a majority, they decide that they’re going to renege on the promise. I went to Albany and Skelos saw me and I said, ‘Are you walking away from this bill?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ He was honest. He said, ‘We’re going to do a constitutional amendment instead.’ A constitutional amendment is ridiculous.”

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