Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Testing Open Primaries in Idaho and South Carolina


  • Obama Opens 2012 Campaign, With Eye on Money and Independent Voters (By JEFF ZELENY and JACKIE CALMES, NY Times) He may not be on the ballot until November 2012, but aides said they were eager to reach out to independent voters before Republicans do.
  • Charlie Cook: Warning Signs Among the GOP - It’s not inconceivable that Republicans might start seeing things go against them in the court of public opinion, starting with the current spending debate. (National Journal/Charlie Cook's Off to the Races) But among independents, 51 percent thought government should do more, with 47 percent saying government was trying to do too much.


  • by Damon Eris (CAIVN) On the other side of the issue, attorney Harry Kresky said, "It's a great day for independents. It's a great day for all voters in South Carolina."  Kresky is co-council for the Committee for a Unified Independent Party, which intervened in this suit as well as the case in Idaho.  In 2008, a majority of candidates for the state’s legislature ran unopposed in the general election, as reported at the Greenfield Daily Reporter.  If Independents were barred from voting in the state’s primary elections, they would be effectively disenfranchised from the political process.
  • South Carolina editorial roundup ( In tossing out a lawsuit by Republicans seeking to close party primaries in South Carolina, a federal court judge turned voters into winners in this important political process. With her decision, U.S. District Judge Michelle Childs has protected voters' rights while also preserving the integrity of the election process in our state.
  • Allen: ‘Can’t believe partisan registration more important than funding schools, medical care for needy’ (Posted by Betsy, Spokesman Review/Eye On Boise) Gary Allen, attorney for independent voters who are appealing the federal court decision overturning Idaho's current primary system, told the House State Affairs Committee this morning, “My clients are concerned with the requirement for mandatory registration for two reasons:…" 

Will Marty Golden Be Next Year’s Frank Padavan? Senate Dems Are Banking On It (By Laura Nahmias, City Hall News) Over a year in advance of the 2012 races, Democrats are already plotting a robust challenge to State Sen. Marty Golden, and the man at the top of the list of possible candidates is Carlo Scissura, chief of staff to Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.

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