Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ron Paul Set to Enter 2012 Presidential Race

NH GOP primary not just a Republican party (AP) Also, a University of New Hampshire Survey Center poll in February found about 40 percent of independents — or "undeclared" as they're called here — said they plan to vote in the Republican primary, about 30 percent said they plan to vote in the Democratic primary, even though it's not expected to be contested, and 30 percent weren't sure.


  • Ron Paul moves toward White House campaign (By ANDY BARR, Politico) The Texas congressman confirmed his plans Monday night on Fox News, after news reports of his plans for a late-afternoon announcement in Des Moines had circulated online hours earlier. A Paul source told POLITICO that he'll also roll out his campaign team for the first-in-the-nation caucus state Tuesday.
  • Don't laugh at Paul (Tom Jensen, Public Policy Polling) Do I think he has a serious chance at the Republican nomination? Not really. But I think he could play a much bigger role in the race than people might expect.

City Hall & The Capitol Hire Adam Lisberg As Editor-In-Chief (By City Hall) Lisberg previously was the City Hall bureau chief for the New York Daily News, where he worked for seven years. He will start at City Hall and The Capitol on May 9.

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