Monday, April 25, 2011

Ron Paul Family Trumps the Repubs for Radical Politics

The state of third party politics with a mix of major party minor media wave...

Meet the libertarian Kennedys (By: Jonathan Martin, Politico) Four years after the family patriarch was mocked as a gadfly during his failed presidential bid—his second—the 75-year-old Paul is more recognizable than ever. And there are signs of a dynasty in the making, with his devoted following likely to be passed down to his children even if his White House hopes end with this election.

'Birther' claims force GOP leaders to take a stand (AP - Google) "There are high-profile people, including Donald Trump and many others in the conservative media, who advocate and validate this point of view each and every day," Garin said. The big question about the birthplace issue, he said, "is the extent to which it drives a wedge within the Republican Party" and turns off independents in November 2012.

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