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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Conversations on Independence

Dear Hanksteristas: The Hankster just had a very productive meeting with the newly emergent Hankster Board of Directors at Mayrose (21st St. and Broadway in Manhattan, where I once had a "siting" of Jimmy Smits -yes, he's tall and good-looking... and yes, celebrity sitings are very important in New York...) to get some direction (and yes, I was bored with my own Hankstering...). The Board advised me to blog (that's why we call them the Board--to keep an eye on mission drift...) -- so here's some new stuff for conversation:

Instapundit, gotta give him credit - how does he do it? -- so many posts, so little time... AND how very interesting -- anyway, Instapundit says Pelosi is yada yada with reform. Couldn't agree more! Two parties - too late... Look for Porkbusters update...

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Anonymous said...

If you want to take a shot at Nancy Pelosi, just take it. Quoting a right-wing hack like Reynolds to back you up drags you down into his mire.