Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How to caucus tonight in Texas

Today's campaign round up from Houston, Columbus, Toledo, and San Antonio... (Sioux City Journal)

H/T to Polimom for this:
It's not over when polls closeWith caucuses likely to be big draw, participants have rules to learn (from the Houston Chronicle):

Anyone who voted in the Democratic primary can take part in the party's caucus Tuesday night. Caucus turnout will determine roughly one-third of the Texas delegates needed by Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama. Republicans distribute delegates based entirely on primary votes, although they will caucus Tuesday night to conduct party business.
• Where: Caucuses are held at precinct polling stations. Early voters may have gone to a different place. Check your precinct address beforehand.
• Who: Try to bring proof that you voted in the Democratic primary, either a stamped voter registration card or a receipt of primary voting from the polling place. If you have neither, you may still participate in the caucus; your vote will be confirmed later.
• When: Arrive before 7:15 p.m., but be prepared to wait. Caucusing cannot start until polls close, and high turnout means voting could run late.
• How: You may "sign in" your presidential preference and leave. Your "sign in" will be used to allocate delegates among Clinton, Obama and other candidates. If you stay, you can also vote to choose delegates to the next level from your precinct.
• What: Some locations may see crowding and delays. Bring folding chairs and snacks. You can bring your kids, but be aware that the evening could last two or three hours.

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