Saturday, March 08, 2008

Live-blogging MSNBC coverage March 8

8:00pm: From what I could gather from this giggly segment, Chris Matthews (who I like and think has been more than fair so far) and MSNBC think this primary 2008 election is a fight over rhetoric and campaign slag -- same shit different day.

If the MSM can't understand the move that the American people are making, they should go back on the street and talk to regular folks. This is a moment for Americans to stand up and say what we think needs to happen. We're taking our shot.

Given the fact that 5,000 homeless youth die on the street every year in America, given that there are millions of people in the "richest country in the world" who go to work every day and don't have health insurance, given the fact that the US has been involved for 5 years in war that the American people don't support that has killed thousands of American soldiers and maimed tens of thousands more, I'd like to suggest that MSNBC appologize to the American people for being part of the problem.

Some of us are doing something about that.

And personally speaking, I somehow just don't trust Mrs. Clinton to get us out of Iraq.

6:00pm: Here's a wild discussion between Chris Matthews and some commentators over the assignment of delegates. This election makes no sense to these folks in terms of getting votes and getting delegates.... They don't understand the election. Obama should be going for votes, not trying to lead a movement... etc.

Eugene Robinson -- Change message is the issue for Obama.

Tucker Carlson -- Says Hillary's message of being tough is right on for the country...

Rachel Maddow seems to be a shill for Hillary's campaign but postures as a journalist paid for by MSNBC, but whatever.....

Matthews is talking about how other campaigns have handled this or that attack....

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