Saturday, March 29, 2008


  • Colorado: Shooting from the political wings-Bill Hammons talks up his third-party candidacy for the 2nd CD (Boulder Daily Camera)
  • 2 bills seek to change how Colorado's electoral districts are drawn (THE GAZETTE) would force parties to appeal to unaffiliated voters
  • Official predicts Connecticut voter registration could reach 2 million (Newsday) 8000 new unaffiliated voters
  • North Carolina is shaping up as vital for Clinton, Obama (Times-News) During January and February, 42,791 people statewide registered to vote as Democrats, compared to 30,681 who registered as unaffiliated voters and 26,873 people who registered as Republicans.


Anonymous said...

I think perhaps individuals should make sure that they use a capital "I" when writing about Independents. It is a proper political philosophy after all. People don't write "republicans" or "democrats". Just a pet peeve that only bugs me ;)

Did you ever notice that you can't simply state your political views as "Independent" on Facebook? You have to use "Independents" in a generated search from a party in Liberia. lol! Really important stuff, I know. Hah ;)The devil is in the details.

You live in NYC? (Don't give me your address over the internet, lol). Just wondering because I went to High School in Manhattan.
W 76 and CPW. What a place to live!
Love the city. Always will. I'll stop babbling on now.

N. Hanks said...

Yes, I noticed that about Facebook too --- Independents are invisible in many places -- until the Parties want our votes around election time....

Where do you live now? And have you been volunteering?