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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The George Russell Effect: Is Technorati losing its Authorities?

I know I'm losing authorities on Technorati!  Then again, I've always had a bit of an authority problem.... But here's what's happening:

I created a blog, The Hankster, basically a news aggregator run by a real political activist (me, Nancy Hanks) targeting independent voters and progressive forces, rife with quirky photos, offbeat cultural posts and occasional personal opinions. The Hankster has small, if significant, growing and steady readership. 

Then came Twitter... I twittered the national conference of independents in NYC in January 2009. Twitter helped me report from the field on the various meetings held over the past number of months by the membership of the NYC Independence Party organizations as they met collectively to decide what to do with their considerable political capital in this year's mayoral race (we endorsed independent Mike Bloomberg). And Twitter, to its credit, has a 140-character limit of verbiage! Yea!!

Recently YouTube (or HanksterTube) has hit the political world with storm... And then I started a BlogTalkRadio show at the suggestion of an independent I met on the street...

I'm not saying that we shouldn't use Technorati. But why use Technorati as an authority?  Use Twitter, use Facebook, go by bus by plane by car by train, -- it's the George Russell Effect. Not a lot of cats listenin', lot's of really cool folks diggin' independence...

The Hankster hereby declares:

We will no longer be coerced into communicating through the official channels that get you Technorati authorities!

I rest my case!

Nancy Hanks
Or do it the old fashioned way -- Call me! 646-567-6641 (c) 

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