Today is primary day and 3.5 million Flori

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


  • Juan Williams demarcates the Obama favorability lines -- independents still like Barack, Rush Limbaugh represents "hyper-partisanship"
  • Jury still out on upstate New York's 20th -- pundits longing to draw conclusions.... and TPMDC's Eric Kleefeld is WAY behind the curve on independent voters.... Just to note: The 20th Congressional District is home to 432,771 active voters, including 180,810 Republicans, 113,354 Democrats, 20,020 members of the Independence Party, 8,425 Conservatives, 1,504 members of the Working Families Party, 1,483 Greens, 114 Libertarians and 105,059 unaffiliated voters, according the state Board of Elections.  Soft Dems? I think not!
  • William Redpath, Libertarian National Committee Chair says "interest" in Libertarian Party is rising... Hmmm...Spoken like a true partisan!
  • Independent politics, partisan style in PA
  • Open primaries gaining ground in California
  • Open primaries in the hands of partisan interests in Illinois
  • Independents move ahead, Republicans stall on negotiations with Bloomberg '09

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